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  • guided  Paragliding-Tours to apprx. 12 Sites at the Olympos

  • suiting for Beginners upto XC-Professionals!

  • 600m - 2000m Height-Difference

  • Landing on the Strand

  • Soaring

  • Thermal-Flying


  • Strand, Hiking, Mountainbiking

  • Watersport, Culture, Nature, Sightseeing, lacing around ;-), best food.....
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Our Offer (incl.):

  • Pickup at Thessaloniki Airport and return

  • 7 day Hotel at the Strand with Breakfast

  • all Travels in Greece

  • Guiding

  • Retreive-Service

  • dayly Weather-Briefing

  • Assistance by Radio

    • Alternate Program 

         (extra costs for Entrance etc.

    not included!)

    • Assistance by Flight-booking



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    Paragliding Olymp  

    Your Paragliding-Holiday at the Olympos in Greece!